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These plans are updated based on the information that comes in.  At the moment, they reflect the recent Omicron wave.  This is a fluid situation.  When we make updates, we will notify you through email.

Quarantine Counting

If person is symptomatic:

Day 0 is the first day of symptoms

If person is asymptomatic:

Day 0 is the day you were tested

In light of the Omicron variant spreading rampantly throughout our state and country, we are adjusting our COVID plans.  These are temporary plans.  We are hoping the Omicron wave reaches its peak in 2-3 weeks (as the experts suggest), and we can continue with our February plans that were sent out in early December. 




Situation: an immediate family member has COVID


To Return to School:   all students (vaccinated or not vaccinated) in the household must quarantine for 10 days (no negative PCR needed to return) OR quarantine for 7 days with a negative PCR test taken 5 days after exposure


Situation:  a student comes into close contact (15+ minutes without a mask) with a COVID positive person who is not a member of your household


To Return to School:  student must quarantine for 5 days and submit a negative PCR


Situation: a student or teacher in class gets COVID, 


Result:  the cohort will quarantine for 10 days and work virtually (this will be the only time virtual is an option)


Situation: a student tests positive for COVID 


To Return to School:  the student will quarantine for 10 days and submit a negative PCR


Situation:  a student who tested positive continues to test positive after 10 days of quarantine and having no symptoms after the 10 days


To Return to School:   student must submit a note from his/her doctor saying it is safe for them to return to school


-the CDC is stating that if your child is 6 months out from their second shot, a booster is needed to be considered fully vaccinated.  Boosters will be needed, if your child is 6 months from his/her last shot, in order to be considered fully vaccinated when we begin our February plan

            *Boosters are only available for ages 12 and up

            *Your child only needs a booster if they are 6 months from their second shot (and it 

             is considered safe for their age group by the CDC)

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